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E-commerce business challenges faced by small-scale start-ups

The magical revolution in the internet technology has brought an ease in human’s life and made them accustomed to performing tasks efficiently through the internet with the less hassle. If we analyse the activities we do perform through internet then we will able to find its relations with multiple aspects of our lives from money transaction to socialization, Information gathering, online shopping in Pakistan and more. In the developed countries the E-commerce industry has reached peak level due to more internet subscribers and technological advancement. On the other hand, increasing number of internet subscribers in developing countries like Pakistan where they are 40 million approximately, E-commerce industry is booming rapidly and leaving the room of opportunities for online businesses start-ups. Many E-commerce businesses backed by the strong parent companies have attained phenomenal success in Pakistan and going beyond the required targets. Small-scale start-ups must have to face more challenges than large scale due to lack of digital world knowledge, fewer financial resources, and difficulties in trust building among consumer’s, poor need identification, unrealistic ideas and more. Let’s analyse the challenges and find out the ways through which the entrepreneur can overcome the problems and maximize the chances of success of small-scale start-up of an online business.

 Don’t jump into a swimming pool without learning how to swim:

It’s just as simple as we can imagine the adverse consequences of jumping into a swimming pool without learning how to swim. Although there are multiple e-commerce businesses which are operating successfully and providing the rich experience of online shopping in Pakistan but do not ensure the success of new start-ups. As a small-scale business owner, you must learn the skills of digital marketing about how to bring traffic on your website organically or non-organically and how you can utilize other digital marketing channels like social media, email, and mobile marketing to implement integrated digital marketing strategy efficiently to grow your business. Even though you can get the services of the third party but it costs you much or may not be affordable for you. In addition, personal efforts in work will be backed by passionate feelings which will enhance the level of productivity of work. There are many institutes and e-learning websites for e-commerce training in Pakistan; course is one of the best options for online training.

 Online Shopping in Pakistan!!! If you don’t stand out you can’t go up:

Individuals don’t purchase ‘what’ you do, they purchase ‘why’ you do it. Although there are many online shopping websites operating profitably in Pakistan and give the impression of being similar they are not. Every website has a unique value proposition and distinct positioning in the mind of the customer. For example, Telemart is still a preferable choice for tech products like mobiles phones, laptop and other gadgets, online mobile shopping in Pakistan has the highest share in the e-commerce product category split. Chase value is famous for the affordable price and strives its best to serve the mediocre masses. As the rate of growth of online shopping in Pakistan is growing, many brands have penetrated in the market and selling customized products of a specific product category like women dresses, women’s handbags, designer’s wear online and more. The sells customized t-shirts, bags, mugs, wallpapers and entertains the other side of the market. is known for the efficient delivery system as its owned by leading courier service TCS and have considered among the top brands of online shopping in Pakistan. Similarly, have entered the market with the vision to provide an additional selling platform to the brands and manufacturers particularly small-scale to enhance their customer base by getting access to the domestic customers as well as international. Moreover, the handmade products will get the right price for the provided value by partnering with the online shopping in Pakistan which will market their product in a best possible way.

Stand out but don’t let the marketing myopia kick you out:

Standing out from the crowd does not mean that you just make yourself distinct from others; truly this distinction must contain any value for the customer’s so that they can get benefit out of it. When the market is so crowded you can either capture a niche segment or serve the existing market segments in a better way which hasn’t dealt appropriately with the existing players. As a small-scale start-up, it would be better to capture a niche segment or become specialized in single or fewer product lines by ensuring superior product quality or customization, in this way you can be more competitive than big giants by narrowing down the focus. The big players holding highest market share and mind share are difficult to compete and risky due to multiple factors like trust factor, resources, skilled workforce and more.

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